Louisiana Colonial Documents Project

Earlier this year, the Louisiana State Museum’s Colonial Documents Collection went online with the digitization of thousands of records from the region’s time as both a French and Spanish Colony— a project that Southern Gothic’s own Bryanne Schexnayder had the incredible opportunity to be a part of.

“These records document Louisiana’s colonial era in astounding detail, recording sales of enslaved persons as well as real estate, laying bare disputes within families and between neighbors, and revealing the social and commercial underpinnings of the colony. They tell thousands of individual stories that, taken together, document the daily life of Louisiana’s first permanent African and European inhabitants, as well as aspects of their relations with Native tribes. They are a largely unplumbed store of source material that offers countless opportunities for study in history, sociology, language and linguistics, law, cultural anthropology, and other humanities.”

Catch a glimpse of the project, including a cameo by Bryanne Schexnayder in this video. For more information, or to search the document’s database, visit at http://lacolonialdocs.org/