Episode 019: Woolfolk Family Massacre

This episode of Southern Gothic contains descriptions of a violent and horrific murder, listener discretion is advised.

On August 6, 1887 one of Georgia’s darkest, and most infamous murders occurred at a farmhouse in Bibb County.  Nine members of Richard Woolfolk’s family were brutally slain with an axe. Suspicion immediately fell on his son Thomas and a national media circus erupted.

Southern Gothic is an independently released podcast written and produced by Brandon and Bryanne Schexnayder.  This week’s episode features a special cameo by Katelyn Murray and Kenneth Strader of The Haunted Heart podcast.  

Birth of a City: New Orleans, Part III

This episode of Southern Gothic is the third in the three-part series "Birth of a City: New Orleans," a story that chronicles the inception of a great American city and the legends that evolved with it.

Part III: Madame Delphine LaLaurie
On April 10, 1863 a fire broke out in the home of Creole socialite Madam Delphine LaLaurie; but as men rushed to save the lavish mansion, they had no idea of the horrors they would uncover inside. 

Theme music for "Birth of a City: New Orleans" was written and performed by Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Adam Wright.

Additional narration by Justin Drown of Obscura: A True Crime Podcast.  

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Episode 014: The Madison County Grey

Private Nicodemus Kidd enlisted in the Confederate Army on July 10, 1861; however, the young private quickly fell victim to an horrendous disease while camped outside of the Confederate capital.  A disease that would plague Confederate camps for the entire war, giving soldiers an horrific 1 in 5 chance of dying from illness and infection during the conflict.

Episode 013: Fort Jefferson's Most Infamous

Construction of Fort Jefferson began in the early 19th century to address the growing need for America to protect its shores.  The resulting massive coastal fortress is the largest masonry structure on American soil; however, its history as a defensive outpost is far overshadowed by its time spent as a prison, housing Union Army deserters and none other than the very men convicted for successfully conspiring to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln.

Episode 003: The Lost City of Frenier

Episode 003: The Lost City of Frenier

In 1915 a vicious hurricane cut through Southeastern Louisiana causing massive destruction in its ravenous wake.  The storm surge topped 12 feet and the hurricane’s devastating winds swept through at 145 mph, leaving almost 300 dead.  Yet nowhere was the storm’s wrath more apparent than the small settlement of Frenier.

Episode 002: Little Nina's Bleeding Mausoleum

Episode 002: Little Nina's Bleeding Mausoleum

In the city of Cleveland,Tennessee is a legendary mausoleum haunted by the spirit of young girl killed in a tragic accident at a railroad crossing.  Legend says if you circle the tomb seven times and then approach it's entrance, the metal door will swing open and invite you in.  Yet this legend isn’t what made the ornate marble mausoleum the basis of one of the most infamous ghost stories in East Tennessee— it’s that the marble tomb seems to bleed.

Episode 001: Ghosts of the Myrtles Plantation

Episode 001: Ghosts of the Myrtles Plantation

Legend says General David Bradford had a price put on his head by President George Washington for his role in the Whiskey Rebellion, that’s why he fled down south and built a plantation for himself in the Spanish part of Louisiana. Bradford went on to live out his days as a wealthy planter, but the legacy of the home he built has evolved into what is today known as the Myrtles Plantation — America’s most haunted home.