Have you ventured out to one of the many haunted places featured in Southern Gothic?

Or maybe you’ve known one of these legends since your Maw Maw told you about them?

If so, then tell us your tale!

We’re collecting listener stories from all over the South to feature here on the Southern Gothic website in an all new archive of legends, folklore and history. Contributing is simple, just scroll to the bottom of this page, click “Start Recording” and tell us what you know in five minutes or less. When you are done we ask for your name and email address (so we can follow up during our archival process) and hit submit! If at any point in the process you’d like to start over, just use the reset button to delete your recording.

How will my stories be used?

Once we’ve collected enough recordings, they will be made available free here on Some segments of audio may be used for marketing purposes (i.e. Instagram, Facebook); however, we will reach out for permission with proper attribution prior to any other use (i.e. podcast, YouTube, etc.).

What Should I Say?

We’re interested in hearing about your experiences in the South! So tell us about a trip you may have taken to one of the haunted places we’ve featured, like the Myrtles Plantation or the abandoned amusement park in Lake Shawnee; or tell us about a legend or piece of folklore local to your part of the South, like the Bell Witch or the Rougarou. It’ll be fascinating to hear everyone’s different takes!

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