The Curse of Lake Lanier

The Burning of Atlanta

The city of Atlanta, Georgia was a strategic stronghold for the Confederacy during the Civil War, serving as an integral railroad hub supplying the South with men, munitions and supplies.  But by the spring of 1864, as President Abraham Lincoln became desperate for a military victory, the city would become the direct target of the infamously aggressive Union General William T. Sherman and his philosophy of '“total war.”

The Wog of Nodoroc

Just east of Atlanta, Georgia is the mysterious site of an eerie, boggy marshland that once emitted a constant bluish smoke, devouring everything that came into contact with it’s boiling waters. The Creek named this site, and the violent mud volcano within it, Nodoroc, or “gateway to hell.” But if the treacherous geography of Nodoroc were not enough to inspire fear, the Creek also believed that a vicious beast guarded this entrance to the underworld. A beast that required human sacrifices to appease its hunger. A devil-dog known simply as the Wog.

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The Woolfolk Family Massacre


On August 6, 1887 one of Georgia’s darkest, and most infamous murders occurred at a farmhouse in Bibb County.  Nine members of Richard Woolfolk’s family were brutally slain with an axe. Suspicion immediately fell on his son Thomas, the only member of the household to survive the event, and a national media circus erupted.

Explore the events that led up to the brutal axe murder of an entire family; as well as the explosive trial that followed, captivating national media coverage…

The Madison County Grey


Private Nicodemus Kidd enlisted in the Confederate Army on July 10, 1861; however, the young private quickly fell victim to an horrendous disease while camped outside of the Confederate capital.  A disease that would plague Confederate camps for the entire war, giving soldiers an horrific 1 in 5 chance of dying from illness and infection during the conflict.