Legend of Bill Sketoe's Hole

The Ghost Town of Cahaba

The Tale of Two-Toed Tom

Way down south, in the swamps near the Alabama and Florida state line, there’s said to live a demonic alligator of immense proportions.  His name is Two-Toed Tom, and he has terrorized residents of the region with his red eyes and insatiable appetite for decades.

Numerous attempts to track and kill the beast have been made, yet nothing from guns to dynamite has ever been able to do him harm;. That is except for the steel trap which once took all but two of his toes, leaving this vicious beast with his unique name.

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Phantom Flames of Tuscaloosa

Dr. John R. Drish began construction of one of Tuscaloosa's first plantation homes in 1835.  Unfortunately, after he and his wife Sara's deaths, the home fell to ruin; giving life to claims that the tower that looms over this once stately plantation home is often the sight of eerie apparitions. 

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The Spirits of Sloss Furnaces

The Spirits of Sloss Furnaces

Sloss Furnaces was built in 1881, the first of numerous blast furnaces to manufacture pig iron in Birmingham, Alabama; catalyzing the Industrial Revolution in the postwar south.  But this lucrative new economy came at a high cost to the men who toiled to keep the furnace fed, and many believe that echoes of their tragic past still reverberate through the tunnels and catwalks of this icon of American industry.