The Lady of Bellamy Bridge

St. Augustine's Haunted Lighthouse

The Tale of Two-Toed Tom

Way down south, in the swamps near the Alabama and Florida state line, there’s said to live a demonic alligator of immense proportions.  His name is Two-Toed Tom, and he has terrorized residents of the region with his red eyes and insatiable appetite for decades.

Numerous attempts to track and kill the beast have been made, yet nothing from guns to dynamite has ever been able to do him harm;. That is except for the steel trap which once took all but two of his toes, leaving this vicious beast with his unique name.

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Fort Jefferson's Most Infamous

Construction of Fort Jefferson began in the early 19th century to address the growing need for America to protect its shores.  The resulting massive coastal fortress is the largest masonry structure on American soil; however, its history as a defensive outpost is far overshadowed by its time spent as a prison, housing Union Army deserters and none other than the very men convicted for successfully conspiring to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln.